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The Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Germany

The elegant via Tornabuoni Florence2

A Walk in Florence

How the Florentines feel about themselves

aj Mahal 3


and its ever-so-romantic Mausoleum

Kastellorizo Island 1

Kastellorizo, Greece

The last tiny island of Europe

autumn in New York 7

New York in autumn

The most beautiful season

Burgundy Chateau de Bussy Rabutin


The golden slopes



Switzerland on the Arabian Sea

Damascus 2

Damascus, Syria

The Rose of the desert

23 Piazza di Spagna scalinata azalee

At the Spanish Steps

The Roman sojourn of Alex Munthe in Piazza di Spagna

The Old Cataract view1

With a view to the Nile

The Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan

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