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French India small

L'INDE et mon jardin persan

Un voyage dans mon âme

nglish India small2

INDIA and my Persian garden

A journey into my soul

Ocean Majesty cover tEN2

Cruising on the OCEAN MAJESTY

On board wrapped in a delicious atmosphere

Libreria Acqua Alta Venice

Bookshops in Venice

Where to find the English printed edition of "My Venice"

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Bookshops in Tuscany

Where to find the Italian edition of "A Year in Tuscany"

Englsih Italy small


My world of Great Beauties

ravelling in Italy

Traveling in Italy

Traveling together is sharing the beauty of our world (free eBook download)

Feeling Rome cover tEN2

Feeling ROME

An intimate portrait of the Eternal City

A Year In Tuscany cover by tBA Copia

A Year in Tuscany

A tale of reality, History, landscape and Art


My Venice

The charm of its golden isolation