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GREECE English small 17

GREECE, The Dance of the Seas

The magic of the Greek seas and the picturesque Greek islands

India and my Persian garden English 2 small 2

INDIA and my Persian garden

A journey into my soul

Ocean Majesty cover tEN2

Cruising on the OCEAN MAJESTY

On board wrapped in a delicious atmosphere

Libreria Acqua Alta Venice

Bookshops in Venice

Where to find the English printed edition of "My Venice"

33 4

Bookshops in Tuscany

Where to find the Italian edition of "A Year in Tuscany"

ROME English small

Feeling ROME

An intimate portrait of the Eternal City

TUSCANY nglish small 3

A Year in Tuscany

A tale of reality, History, landscape and Art

Venice English small 2

My Venice

The charm of its golden isolation