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Villa San Michele Florence 2


Writing has its magic

In 2006 I was writing the book A Year in Tuscany. The villa you see in the image above is the Villa San Michele, turned into the most beautiful hotel in Tuscany. I visited it often on weekends and I described it in one the chapters of the book. In another chapter entitled “The English in Tuscany” where I was sitting with Mrs. Moretti in her garden at Fiesole, the description of the garden completely came out from my imagination, as Mrs.Moretti herself, with her distinctive Tuscan character.

Eight years later, in the autumn of 2014, I was in Tuscany to promote the Italian version of the book. I stayed in a village on the golden hills of the Val d’Orcia.

A friend from Florence, who read and loved the book, suggested being presented in her cultural club. I went to Florence, but the event, instead of being in the historical centre, was organized in Fiesole, on the hill that overlooks panoramically the city, where I spend the weekends at the Villa San Michele. I thought I was going there.

But the driver left me to the neighbouring villa, which had been transformed into a hotel since the last century and when I crossed the reception to go out into the garden, I stared at it with astonishment!  It was just the garden of my imagination, and in the place of the imaginary Mrs. Moretti, a hundred Florentine ladies were waiting for me.

I had to recover quickly, which was difficult. A thought had conjured me… First I wrote something that came out of my imagination and then I saw it in front of me. Is it the magic of writing?

In the video you will see the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany that inspired me to write the book.

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