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Rome 4

The Eternal City

     There are some cities that charm you, and others that capture your imagination.

                                 And then there are those that remain in your heart.

Thirty years ago, I discovered Rome with a book by the French writer, Stendhal, "Walks in Rome" in hand. Though he had visited the city at the beginning of the 19th century, I began to live there in the late 20th century. The city, of course, had not changed all that much, but beyond what I was seeing through the eyes of Stendhal, what I held as the most precious lesson was not to waste my gaze here and there.

I focused my attention on a work of Art, on a view, on an architectural detail of a church, on the interior decoration of a palace or on an artistic/social event in which I was participating, with the city providing the perfect backdrop. A whole world opened before me, ready to be assimilated effortlessly, in a genteel way, and with all my sensations. 

At that time I didn’t know that I would ever write a book about the city that had adopted me. This happened much later. But Stendhal's lesson, apparently, had brought to light that magic that is difficult to explain. As soon as I started writing, the words flew onto the blank, white page like the waters of the Tiber, since it was not me who was writing, but rather Rome that spoke through me...

In the video, you will see some of my favourite images of Rome, about which my book was written. Above all, however, you will see Stendhal’s lesson illustrated.

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