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Biografia piccola

Barbara Athanassiadis was born in Athens.

She attended school at the American College of Greece, graduating in Business Administration. Subsequent to the publication of her first novel, she decided to leave her career of Public Relations Specialist in order to study French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. She delved in nineteenth-century French art criticism while at the same time engaging even more actively in the study of Italian Renaissance Art, a topic she was later to elaborate upon thoroughly in her TV documentary "Rome, City of Eternal Femininity."

Her books A Year in Tuscany (2007), Feeling Rome (2009) and My Venice (2014), India and my Persian garden (2016) and Cruising on the OCEAN MAJESTY (2016) are also published in Italian, in French, in German and in Greek.

She collaborated with "Icons Traveller's" magazine, which hosted quite a number of articles of hers, inspired by her travels.

She divides her time between Rome and Athens.