Barbara Athanassiadis was born in Athens, Greece. She attended school at the American College, graduating in Business Administration. Subsequent to the publication of her first novel, she decided to leave her career of Public Relations Specialist in order to study French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris.

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The eBook is available in English, in Italian and in Greek on Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Google Play Books and Apple iBooks

Venice Evelyn


A city that looks like a dream.

Veneziane nel harem

Venetian Sultanas in the Harem

...And so, there I was, keeping him company in his room, sitting next to him in an armchair that was brought up from the living room – and I’m quite sure Lady was looking upon us happily from her seat in Paradise.  For days there was no Venice or, rather,...

Strolling in Beacon Hill Executive Mansion

Strolling in Beacon Hill

Boston, Massachusetts.

Caurso Hotel Ravello 3

Ravello, Italy

A blend of historic charm and refined hospitality.

Venice rubelli2

Elegance in Venice

“Thank you,” I told him while observing his appearance. He was wearing orange trousers, a jacket in a shade of olive green, and a scarf in a hue of apricot.  He was enjoying his pipe and had a copy of the Gazzettino, the local paper,folded under his arm.

Libreria nel Castello Olgiata Roma

The book that I have not written yet

This is a desire that I have been cultivating for some time, but still expect to mature inside me. To write a travel book, you should visit the place of your interest, to deepen your knowledge, to talk with local people and to observe around you with such attention so...

Review on Venice

Review on MY VENICE

Attentive to the Venetian glances of Barbara Athanassiadis’ book, I realized an emotional escalation, as the author is quite literal with her title: MY VENICE. This is indeed her own Venice, with the meaning not so much of her subjective glance or the focus on what selectively charms her, but...

Venice Ocean Majesty


A dream to be revealed.

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